Who is the Pilot?

It was a warm summer day when I boarded the United Airline at Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina on Flight 7418 in Washington, DC. As usual, I quickly positioned my window seat so that the pilots would safely take me to my destination. Suddenly, as I was looking out of the window, waiting to launch, a number […]

Homes are for sale in Charlotte

Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina, is located in Mecklenburg County. Although this area has not been as tough as other states until recently, they still have some homes that fall into vacant categories. There are currently 7,561 homes in the state of North Carolina, and Mecklenburg County claims only 1,270. Charlotte excludes 1,168 […]

Mountain dwellers take on a green lifestyle

Sustainability, green building and energy efficiency become part of today's mainstream consciousness. As global environmental awareness spreads, some regions of the US are living as leaders in the green movement. An international hotel site for alternative energy is Western North Carolina (WNC) in Asheville. According to Dale Neal, "Video Touts Region on the Green Economy," […]

Carolina Panthers History – Intrigue

Carolina Panthers is a member of the NFC South Division. They are based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but the team has representatives from North and South Carolina. The Jacksonville Jaguars, along with the Carolina Panthers, have a brief history of becoming part of the NFL in 1995. The impressive achievement of the Carolina Panthers' history […]

Roadside, South Carolina

The historic Kings Mountain area of ​​Upstate, South Carolina offers many hiking opportunities. The entrances to Kings Mountain National Park and the entrances to Kings Mountain State Park are located about three miles from each other near SC Hwy 216 in Blacksburg, South Carolina. Additional routes Crowder & # 39; s They are located in […]

How to earn 5. money

Do you feel lucky today? Or lucky to escape through your door? Following on, there are many ways to test your luck and not just "lucky" but wealth. North Carolina has a popular lottery game that can offer thousands of chances to win permanent ones. The lottery game is called North Carolina Cash 5, which […]

Barbecue Wars

Okay, so here's the deal. Which meat, what kind of sauce, how to cook it, what kind of wood or heat and how it is served. A lot to consider. One thing's for sure – we're not talking about gritty Weber abroad, folks. This is a serious business, so get there. In the South, especially […]

Ralph Earnhardt & # 39; s Biography

Ralph Lee Earnhardt was born on February 23, 1928 in Kannapolis, North Carolina, in Cabarrus County, the youngest of four children, John Henderson and Effie Mae Earnhardt. The family was part of the farming community and after leaving school Ralph worked in one of the cotton mills for several years. Wages and conditions were poor […]