NC DWI Laws and Administrative Codes

Here are some of the laws and codes related to DWI while driving in North Carolina: NCGS 20-138.1 is narrated driving. "Driving" (which means, it works) is a crime on any vehicle, on any street or on any public vehicle in North Carolina. While under the influence of a substance impaired; or (an appreciable impairment […]

NC Criminal Law Reforms

For the first time in about 100 years, Republicans are in control of the state legislature in Raleigh. Normally Republicans are considered "harder" with crimes than Democrats, so it's amazing that North Carolina has developed a criminal justice system over the last 100 years, which is not difficult, but not too difficult for accused criminals. […]

North Carolina lemon law

The lemon law of North Carolina (also known as the New Motor Vehicles Warranties Act) applies to all motor vehicles sold in the state with less than 10,000 pounds. Includes vehicles that are purchased or rented by law. Under North Carolina lemon law, if the vehicle has a serious defect that prevents it from complying […]

Unique ceramic designs from Western North Carolina

Pottery is one of the most sought after craftsmen in Asheville, NC and the western part of the state in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The artistic community, the abundance of raw materials, and the tradition of craftsmanship attract artists to the area. The Birdfoot Ridge studio produces a wide range of ceramics in the north […]