The last chapter

Several months ago, I read an article about a 22-year-old young man who died early in a plane crash. The more you read this article, the heavier my heart is, because his education died in the middle of the years. It was also heartbreaking that he was dying to finish a book he was writing before he finished his final chapter.

Right now, you are writing your book, and you are the author. Every moment that passes, every day that appears and disappears, your pages are being written. Each time you speak, every action you make forms a page in your book of life. How you live and how you treat others also shapes the pages of your book, from cover to cover.

In retrospect, the start of your book may not have been written well, because of mistakes or pointless decisions – but you can sell it for sale.

You can finish a bestseller because you are the protagonist and you, through your present and future actions, control how the last chapters of your book are read. As a winner you can end up doing things you love and not taking in your life or for others.

Start a new chapter today – a chapter you will enjoy reading and others.

Enjoy who you are and what you do. Get writing and live life to the fullest.

How has your book been read so far – and what will the LAST chapter say?

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