Quality Public Education

In 2004, Forbes Magazine ranked Raleigh, the North Carolina Wake County Public School System (WCPSS), with the third-best "Biggest Education in the City." Not surprisingly, Greale Raleigh is able to provide higher education opportunities in both public and private spheres. WCPSS is a national leader in the field of education. The school system has a strong high school graduation rate, high access to educational resources and availability for housing. All of these factors, along with amazing programming, make up a very strong school system.

If you are moving to Greale Raleigh and want to know more about WCPSS specific programming, read more:

K-12: Formative Years

For the sake of excellence, the Board of Education has taken on an ambitious goal. By the end of this school year, 95% of WCPSS students are in grades 12-12 or higher. The ambitious goals are indicative of a future thinking and engagement committee dedicated to providing the best education and pursuing positive growth.

Parents in this area have many educational opportunities. There are many traditional public schools and many private and special needs schools. WCPSS offers more than 20 programs with 51 magnet schools in the region. The award-winning school program offers creative approaches for teachers to reach out to students and to meet different learning styles and needs. Magnet schools in the area have been particularly recognized, such as the Magnet School of Excellence Award in the United States and the Magnet School of Distinction Award.

The district recently received a portion of the $ 2.3 million grant, a health and life sciences program aimed at developing higher education and higher education in biotechnology and health. Students from these schools will be able to participate in internship programs and have access to community college and university courses. There are other grants coming from the New Schools Project, a $ 11 million grant that has redesigned 100 new high schools across the state.

Secondary Education: Higher Education at Your Door!

North Carolina State University, one of the nation's top research universities, is a great example of Raleigh's post secondary options. At BTEC, the Golden LEAF Biomanfacturing Training and Education Center, this University is committed to working in the highly-trained industry. With the goal of achieving "action innovation," NCSU is partnering with businesses, industries, and governments to create products and research collectively.

Regional communities also provide strong programs for those seeking technical or specialized training in certain sectors of the workforce.

The University of North Carolina is focused on biotechnology training. Provide highly trained staff to the 25,000 population that will work in this sector by 2025.

Wake Technical Community College is a leader in biological and chemical technology programs. They provide the only community-based pharmaceutical laboratory technology in North Carolina. Wake Tech provides catalysts for economic growth and development for more than 20% of the total industry training provided by state-owned communities. This University of Exceptional Community offers thousands of businesses with the top Small Business Center and the New and Extended Industries Program.

It is easy to see why Raleigh, North Carolina, is one of the educators who has worked in America. If education for you and your family is important, consider Raleigh, North Carolina as a smart opportunity for a bright future.