Florida Play 4 and Georgia Cash 4 – Earn Tickets for North and South Carolina Carolina 4

Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and the southeastern states of South Carolina have many beautiful attractions, not only for visitors, but also for locals to enjoy. Some of the great attractions for residents in these states include Florida Play 4, Georgia Cash 4, North Carolina Pick 4 and South Carolina Pick 4 lottery games. Visitors and vacationers alike can make the visit more enjoyable and memorable during their stay by winning one of these Pick 4 Lottery Games.

State & # 39; S Three of these lotteries offer two drawings per day. The first drawing is referred to as the "Day" drawing. This drawing takes place at 12:30 pm in Florida, at 12:29 pm in Georgia, and at 12:59 pm in South Carolina. North Carolina has no Pick 4 noon drawing.

The second drawing is referred to as the "evening" drawing. Night drawing takes place at 7.57pm in Florida, 10.59pm on Sunday, Monday and Thursday and 11.34am on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in Georgia; 11:22 am North Carolina and 6:59 pm South Carolina.

Easy visits to a local grocery store, gas station, or lottery store allow visitors and residents to earn a $ 1.00 4-digit investment with the intention of earning 4. Comes with a four-digit (exact) order.

One of the best ways to choose Number 4 Winning every day is to use a verifiable Pick 4 Winning Strategy. A quick chance has 10,000 chances to win; it's like finding a needle in the garden. To be successful like most professionals, 4 players must have a plan and use a strategy. That way they increase your chances of winning … and big profits!

Players with a well-known and proven winning strategy reduce their chances and reduce their playing opportunities. Winning a low-risk investment of $ 4, $ 10 or $ 20 will help Pick 4 Live Cards give players huge returns of $ 25,000, $ 50,000 and $ 100,000.

Select 4 players must visit the lottery vendor before closing the drawings, usually 15 to 30 minutes until the time of the lottery drawing. Drawings are typically televised on a local television station in each state. Excited Pick 4, Play 4, and 4 Lottery players will be able to see their winning numbers as they draw individually, matching the four players in their card.

In Florida, players can watch the Winning Play 4 drawing and results on the following television stations: Jacksonville WJXX & WTLV, Miami / Fort Lauderdale WPLG, Orlando / Daytona Beach / Melbourne WKMG, Tallahassee WTXL, Tampa / St. Petersburg WTSP, Pensacola WJTC, Sarasota WWSB , West Palm Beach WPBF, and some local state-owned TELEMOND television.

Winning the Florida 4 Lottery – resident and visitor – is something you will never forget, and help make your dreams come true!

In Georgia, Cash 4 results and drawings can be viewed on local television stations: Atlanta WSB Channel 2, Augusta WJBF Channel 6, Macon WMAZ Channel 13, Savannah WSAV Channel 3, Columbus WRBL Channel 3 and Toccoa WNEG Channel 32.

North Carolina Winner's Pick 4 Draw and Results (Evening Lottery Results Only) are announced on state-of-the-art TV stations: Raleigh WRAL Channel 5, Greensville / New Bern / Washington WITN Channel 7, Wilmington WILM Channel 10, Charlotte WCNC Channel 36, Winston- Salem / Greensboro / High Point WXLV Channel 45, and Asheville WYCW Channel 62.

The South Carolina Education Lottery does not air on television at noon. South Carolina Pick 4 Evening Results and drawings are on display: Hilton Head WHHI-TV Channel 3, Florence / Myrtle Beach WFXB Channel 43, Columbia WLTX Channel 19, Greenville / Spartanburg WHNS Channel 21, Charleston WCBD Channel 2, Aiken / Augusta WRDW 12. channel, and Rock Hill / Charlotte WMYT channel 12.

If you are a resident of the southeastern United States or just a visitor, take a trip, discover all the beauty and opportunity that has previously been set in the states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Enjoy, Have Fun, Relax and Enrich Play & Play FL Play 4, GA Cash 4, NC & SC Pick 4 Lottery Winning Tickets.