Unique ceramic designs from Western North Carolina


Pottery is one of the most sought after craftsmen in Asheville, NC and the western part of the state in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The artistic community, the abundance of raw materials, and the tradition of craftsmanship attract artists to the area. The Birdfoot Ridge studio produces a wide range of ceramics in the north of the town, from hand-painted tables to a Zen collection. Here are some special designs we've seen in the Asheville area:

Brie Baker: This round small handle piece includes a 5-6 "brie wheel and baked pot. Baked in the pot. Add some Jack Daniels, brown sugar, and slices of almonds before entering the 350 degree oven. along with a small end.

Garlic Grater – This is a small flared dish with high sides, a plinth, and a rough, woven bottom. Take a whole grain of garlic and rub it on the bottom of the dish to add some grill, olive oil and herbs. Either dive directly into the pot or toss to another plate. Why not save this dish for something else?

Pillow Pot – Here is a three-pot header for placing a flower on top of a flower. Provides a touch of water and a nice touch to the table setting. It comes in several colors, some with hand-painted pictures.

Bread bakery: stone thickness is good for baking. It carries heat very well which is why clay ovens are the best pizza & # 39; s. This bread bakery creates a nice crust on top and a smoother bottom. With clay bread oven you can bake, bake and serve bread.

Egg Scrambler – A small dish that you rub with oil, divide and shake the eggs and mix with the creations you like. Microwave for 30-45 seconds and go outside. Great for a bachelor. Who knows they could lay microwave eggs?

Ikebana vases

Birdfoot Ridge Studio also creates a Zen collection, including Ikebana-style flower pots, bamboo applications and water.

Ikebana is a Japanese flower arrangement style that is based on clean lines and simple shapes, instead of the traditional flower bouquets we see in traditional western arrangements. In the Ikebana style, the structure of the plant emphasizes just as much as the flowers, so take care of the vase.

The arrangement of the flowers and the minimalist is refreshing and pleasant to let your imagination relax with each location. Organizing an Ikebana will lessen your attention and keep you going at all times, as a form of meditation. You can use almost anything to arrange Ikebana: in addition to flowers, sticks, grass and leaves.

The Ikebana vases in Bird Food Ridge feature minimalist, dark glass and natural glass. They are the largest pieces from simple organizers and can be used as oil lamps or to hold water for flowers.

Lee Davis of Birdfoot Ridge Studio has been doing crafts in Asheville for 30 years and has been teaching two-generation packaging. His work can be seen at the Southern Highland Craft Fair, which happens twice a year in the spring and fall, or at local galleries in central Asheville, NC. He is also involved in a studio tour in Weaverville, NC, where he opens his studio to the public.