Enjoy New Year’s Eve in Times Square New York

If you are looking for the ultimate New Year’s Eve party then you should certainly head to New York.

Home to some of the best-known celebrations in the world, there are few better places to book flights to if you want to enjoy a special and memorable end to the year.

Times Square is the focus of all the merrymaking and with good reason – festivities have been taking place on New Year’s Eve here for over 100 years and the tradition is still going strong, attracting approximately one million people annually.

Your New York flights don’t necessarily need to cost the earth either, you may be able to pick up a bargain and with cheap flights to the Big Apple, you’ll have a little bit more cash spare to spend on the main event.

And if you needed any more encouragement to start looking for New York cheap flights, the fact that almost one billion people around the globe watch the ball drop from the top of One Times Square each year should be enough to convince you.

So, if you head to Times Square for New Year’s Eve, what can you expect?

Firstly, New Year’s Eve in the Big Apple really is an experience and you should make the most of it by arriving early at Times Square.

The best viewing spots usually start to fill up from around 16:00 (local time), so make sure that you get there in time to pick out a good location.

Screens are set up all around the square too, so even if you miss out on some of the prime places, you’ll still be able to see and hear all the action.

At 18:00, the opening ceremony takes place and the evening’s celebrations will begin! It all starts when the famous ball is raised to the top of the flagpole on One Times Square.

The ball is ‘dropped’ at midnight, descending from the top of the flagpole during the ten-second countdown to midnight.

This tradition dates back to 1907, when fireworks displays to mark the new year at the building were banned, so its owner Alfred Ochs came up with the concept of a lit ball made from steel and wood descending at midnight.

But the New Year’s Eve festivities taking place here started out in 1904 when a giant street party was held not only to see in the new year but also to celebrate the official opening of what was then the headquarters of the New York Times newspaper.

Approximately 200,000 people attended that first party, which was also thrown by Mr Ochs, and the festivities have taken place here ever since.

There have been some changes – for example the ball is now made out of more than 2,000 crystals and filled with LED lights, which enables it to produce a kaleidoscope effect by projecting billions of colour combinations as it sits at the top of the tower – but the spirit of the event remains the same.

Once the opening ceremony is concluded, the fun really begins with a host of musical performances.

Stars will take to the stage to entertain the crowds, while each hour a new countdown will begin, getting everyone excited for the culmination of the party at midnight.

Balloons and hats are handed out to revellers so you’ll really be able to get in the spirit of the occasion – even if you’re wrapped up warm in scarves and coats.

And because this is a free event, you can arrive at Times Square whenever you want throughout the course of the evening to soak up the atmosphere of the excited crowds.

Anyone who doesn’t fancy standing around in the cold for hours may want to look into booking a table at one of the Times Square restaurants with a view of the ball.

Olive Garden, Sbarro Pizza, 2 Times Square and Double Tree Guest Suites will all enable you to eat a meal in the warm and comfort, while still being able to appreciate the atmosphere outside and see the party going on.

So why not get ready to pack your bags for a night you’ll never forget as you jet off on flights to New York to see in the New Year?