Bitcoin price increased 42% the last time it reached that level, and BTC touched it again

Late last month, Bitcoin (BTC) saw an amazing trading session, with the cryptocurrency price earning 42% within a 24-hour period; This has been the best daily performance of BTC in over six years. This move, which brought the property from $ 7,300 to $ 10,500, shocked many, and many saw the increase as something that was completely insensitive.

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However, the retrospective analysis showed that $ 7,300 was the 200-day moving average price in the CME futures market at that time, making 42% of the rebound the most bizarre.

While there is no guarantee that a rebound will come again, Bitcoin knocks on the door of the 200-day average in the CME table. What do you expect analysts to do this time?

The key level of Bitcoin taps; What next?
For those who do not know, technical analysts believe that the 200-day moving average of any asset is a level indicative of macro trends; Above-level trade implies a bullish macro trend, below-level trade implies a bear’s macro trend. As read in this section from Investopedia entry:

The simple 200-day moving average (SMA) is considered a key indicator by traders and market analysts to determine the overall long-term market trend … As long as the stock price remains above the SMA 200 in a daily timeframe, usually the operation is considered a general trend .

As noted by Mexbt analyst and as mentioned, Bitcoin has taken the 200-day moving average on CME. This time, this price did not respond, as the BTC was reduced slightly above $ 8,000.

Bitcoin is re-examining its 200-day CME 👀

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12:23 – November 20, 2019
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Although 42% recovery from the 200-day moving average is not very likely, there are signs that bulls may be ready to take over the crypto market again.

According to previous NewsBTC reports, Continuous Indicator Tom Demark, who uses time and prices to determine trends and investment points, has just printed two “Buy Nine” candles on the Grayscale CME and Bitcoin Trust. Also, just today, the BTC Spot Graphics just printed a nine-purchase.

This is far from the end of the bull story. Co-operator Jedox recently noted that the Bitcoin price action from the $ 3,150 long-term fund set up in December 2018 so far looks a lot like a textbook template by Richard Wickoff, marked by a sharp rise. Upwards after a bear market, double standard ceiling, backwards build up and then a bullish bull after bull break.

what is cryptocurrency

Jedox suggested that if his interpretation of this Wickoff pattern was correct, Bitcoin found a $ 7,400 mid-term fund and would soon see a sharp upside break.

The surrender occurred
Of course, the above is fine, though a key bear signal just appeared. The signal in question, the fire ribbons cross the bassist. As explained in this media in a recent report, this signal implies that miners are switching titles, selling their coins to turn on the lights, withdraw cash or upgrade their systems for the future.

The fire movies actually invested days before Bitcoin began a 50% decline from $ 6,000 to $ 3,000. In addition, this signal was seen several days before a 30% decline in 2016.

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Spa weekend getaway in Asheville, NC


If you are planning a weekend getaway, why not join the spa for some time to relieve stress and daily grind? Known as a place to visit, relax, rejuvenate and heal in Asheville, NC, it could be the cure you are looking for. travel site
Asheville has become a place where alternative medicine, the body and other forms of healing flourish. Asheville draws on some of the best massage therapists, chiropractors, Reiki masters, reflexologists, odor therapists and others in her healing culture.
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Realizing that body, mind and spirit need to be taken care of, many visitors to Asheville come through the heat treatment of body pain and stress and renewal. Some are surprised by the variety of options and the level of specialization they provide in the spa services in this western town in North Carolina.
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There are some great spas in Asheville with a variety of service prices. In fact, there are so many options out there, too many to mention here. For visitors looking for ideas, I will highlight some of my favorite places to find the best contemporary spa treatments in Asheville, using all the latest body rejuvenation methods.

Spa Theology
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This downtown Asheville spa is known for its world-class spa treatments. Here experts use the most modern methods of body rejuvenation. Enjoy full body treatment packages, such as clay cleansing and ritual tea, including Ultra Luxe Facial or Sacred Bath Day.
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Or make a massage and choose specific treatments, including soothing Aloe Wrap or Aromatherapy Oil Wrap or Foot or Body Exfoliating Treatment. Enrich yourself and enhance the natural beauty with these treatments in an elegant and relaxing atmosphere.

Spa in Biltmore Village
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For those who prefer a spa that offers custom body treatments, the Biltmore Village Spa may be the right choice. This is a “day spa for men and women” that offers wax, skin and nail treatments, anti-aging treatments and massages. The Biltmore Village Spa is located just south of Asheville with shops near the Biltmore Estate Gate.

Appalachian Spa Ventures

Daily spa treatments and spa packages are available at Appalachian Spa Ventures. This spa also offers mobile site services and a good reputation for serving the Asheville area for 10 years.
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Appalachian Spa Ventures specializes in offering unique massage styles, such as hot rock or deep tissue massages, and related healing modalities, including reiki, reflexology and aromatherapy services. With over 20 different types of massage, facials, body wraps, hand and foot treatments, and couples treatment packages, Appalachian Spa Ventures is a great choice.

Sensitivities Day Spa

Sensitivity is a well-respected spa with two locations. One is located in downtown Asheville, at 59 Haywood Street, and another location is under the Hilton Hotel in South Asheville. Sensitivity Day Spa is a popular choice for visitors and locals alike.
Choose from a variety of massage and reflexology techniques. Or choose a natural full body treatment, wax treatment or nail polish. There are spa packages that combine massages, pedicures, facials and other services. Some spa packages require four hours or more, so keep that in mind when booking.

Outcall Massage Services in Asheville

For mobile spa services that bring massages, I have great confidence in both services from past experiences. One is Mobile Spa Services and the other is Around Town Massage. Massage therapists move the tables to a predetermined place. Individuals usually receive massages in the hotel room, cabin rental, residence or business convenience, and then have the freedom to relax.

Visitors have many options at Asheville’s spa services. They can choose something that meets their budget and personal tastes. Some spas offer body accessories such as reflexology and reiki, while others offer attractive decorations and traditional day bath services, such as face, body covers and wax. One thing is for sure. Forget it, if you have some stress relief and beauty enhancement, be sure to find what you are looking for in asheville, NC.



Christmas in Corolla, North Carolina? Yes!

When Hamas was trying to collect bitcoin by denying it through a number of digital wallets, a startup was able to see what was happening and warn its customers.

Based in London, Elliptic sells blockchain analytics tools on some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platforms – including Binance and Circle – as well as banks. The company’s software is used to investigate criminal activity in the bitcoin digital ledger and monitor transactions to prevent money laundering.
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The company recently learned that Al-Qassam Brigade, the military wing of Hamas, used a donation website that generated a different bitcoin wallet address for each person they visited. This made it harder to find funds and see where they were sent. The group has been designated a terrorist organization by Israel, the US and the EU.[ad_1]

It is true that we do get some cold from time to time here at Currituck Outer Banks. Sometimes when you hear that you are passing through an unusual winter storm field, we get cold wind and maybe some snow, but often the winter months are quite pleasant. Christmas holidays may be remembered because they think everything will be closed – this is not the case, as many shops and restaurants will remain open after the peak tourist season. In winter, the Corolla is the perfect place for holiday travel, peace of mind, beauty and availability.

Corolla rental homes are well priced for the season. Search any Realty agency website and compare winter rates with summer – they are pretty cheap to stay here for a week. Invite large families like grandparents, who were always like your siblings, as well as friends who have made a family list of honor, and your household share is greatly reduced. The Corolla houses that are rented by summer families are very large, so there is room for everyone. You don’t have to give a face to someone who gets a great view of the room, because there is no bad view here. If you get a house with a balcony overlooking the sea, you can relax in the afternoon with a glass of wine or a hot cocoa (if you have a holiday purist). Who would not want to sell a thick church that can scrape sand on the ground?

If you like fishing and have dreamed of your favorite holiday activity, you can see a boat in some way. In the west, Currituck golf courses are available year-round, if you want to spend the holidays green. However, most of us who come to Currituck and Corollara are on holiday away from home and enjoy spending time with family.

You can cook great holiday gifts at your rental or eat your favorite seasonal food. From the vineyards of the nearby sanctuary or from Martin Vineyards a glass forms a glass. Then you can stroll along the beach and look for wild horses that roam the shore. Unlike some birds, horses will not migrate during the winter and, if you are lucky, you are lucky and you will enjoy them quietly. We can’t think of a bigger treasure gift.

It’s too late to book a Christmas vacation in Corolla. Reach out to your local vacation rental agency today for availability. Take off your snow boots and celebrate on the beach!


How to Sustain People – A Perception Lesson from a Historical Piece of Paper


Many years ago there are techniques to persuade people. Sometimes, of course, we know what we're talking about. At other times, we apply these methods to unconscious persuasion. Let me tell you how to convince people using a technique called the law of scarcity.

Several years ago, a major piece of American history appeared to have been stolen in North Carolina. It was one of 14 Bill of Rights mandated by President George Washington.

The president kept only one copy and distributed the remaining copies to 13 states. The aforementioned copy of North Carolina & # 39; It was stolen in 1865. While this entire setup looks like National Treasure land, it actually happened in real life.

The dealers offered a $ 4 million grant to the Philadelphia National Constitution Center Bill of Rights and warned the organization against the law. In fact, the sale also threatened to destroy the Bill of Rights if the police were ever involved.

If the aforementioned artifact was just a common art or something that all museums had, the National Constitution Center would not pay much attention to the offer. However, the seller knew how to convince people about the situation using the scarcity law.

Why Does the People's Law Shortage Work?

Destroying the piece would forever destroy a very important part of history. 14 A bill of rights may be available at all times, but only one copy is intended for North Carolina. The minimum law states that something is limited in supply and perceived to be of greater value.

The organization did not disclose old documents. Other buyers around the world wanted a single parchment in North Carolina. It was the only item you didn't see every day. The National Constitutional Center cannot rely on private collectors.

How to Sustain People Using the Shortage Act

I don't ask you to use this persuasive technique in a negative way, the example above explains how the law of handicap works. You can use people to think or act in some way to find out which buttons to press.

For example, you want to strengthen your T-shirt store and reputation. Instead of letting your prices go bankrupt, why not start selling limited edition products? By using the law of scarcity, you are convincing people to pay more attention to your store.

Remember: The smaller the resource, the higher the perceived value.

Customers go to the store for what many people may want. They want to be exclusive and will do almost anything if your bass dries well enough. If they are rich enough, they will pay double what the product is worth.

If you want to learn to persuade people using the law of insanity, you need to know how to build a particular product or idea. You need to make sure others understand how rare your product is and how it sells like hotcakes.

If the art dealers who had a portrait of Debt Rights knew about it, they were arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. While the minimum law may have been a great way to sit down and warn the National Constitution Center, it wasn't enough guilt to get out of jail.


Quality Public Education


In 2004, Forbes Magazine ranked Raleigh, the North Carolina Wake County Public School System (WCPSS), with the third-best "Biggest Education in the City." Not surprisingly, Greale Raleigh is able to provide higher education opportunities in both public and private spheres. WCPSS is a national leader in the field of education. The school system has a strong high school graduation rate, high access to educational resources and availability for housing. All of these factors, along with amazing programming, make up a very strong school system.

If you are moving to Greale Raleigh and want to know more about WCPSS specific programming, read more:

K-12: Formative Years

For the sake of excellence, the Board of Education has taken on an ambitious goal. By the end of this school year, 95% of WCPSS students are in grades 12-12 or higher. The ambitious goals are indicative of a future thinking and engagement committee dedicated to providing the best education and pursuing positive growth.

Parents in this area have many educational opportunities. There are many traditional public schools and many private and special needs schools. WCPSS offers more than 20 programs with 51 magnet schools in the region. The award-winning school program offers creative approaches for teachers to reach out to students and to meet different learning styles and needs. Magnet schools in the area have been particularly recognized, such as the Magnet School of Excellence Award in the United States and the Magnet School of Distinction Award.

The district recently received a portion of the $ 2.3 million grant, a health and life sciences program aimed at developing higher education and higher education in biotechnology and health. Students from these schools will be able to participate in internship programs and have access to community college and university courses. There are other grants coming from the New Schools Project, a $ 11 million grant that has redesigned 100 new high schools across the state.

Secondary Education: Higher Education at Your Door!

North Carolina State University, one of the nation's top research universities, is a great example of Raleigh's post secondary options. At BTEC, the Golden LEAF Biomanfacturing Training and Education Center, this University is committed to working in the highly-trained industry. With the goal of achieving "action innovation," NCSU is partnering with businesses, industries, and governments to create products and research collectively.

Regional communities also provide strong programs for those seeking technical or specialized training in certain sectors of the workforce.

The University of North Carolina is focused on biotechnology training. Provide highly trained staff to the 25,000 population that will work in this sector by 2025.

Wake Technical Community College is a leader in biological and chemical technology programs. They provide the only community-based pharmaceutical laboratory technology in North Carolina. Wake Tech provides catalysts for economic growth and development for more than 20% of the total industry training provided by state-owned communities. This University of Exceptional Community offers thousands of businesses with the top Small Business Center and the New and Extended Industries Program.

It is easy to see why Raleigh, North Carolina, is one of the educators who has worked in America. If education for you and your family is important, consider Raleigh, North Carolina as a smart opportunity for a bright future.


The last chapter


Several months ago, I read an article about a 22-year-old young man who died early in a plane crash. The more you read this article, the heavier my heart is, because his education died in the middle of the years. It was also heartbreaking that he was dying to finish a book he was writing before he finished his final chapter.

Right now, you are writing your book, and you are the author. Every moment that passes, every day that appears and disappears, your pages are being written. Each time you speak, every action you make forms a page in your book of life. How you live and how you treat others also shapes the pages of your book, from cover to cover.

In retrospect, the start of your book may not have been written well, because of mistakes or pointless decisions – but you can sell it for sale.

You can finish a bestseller because you are the protagonist and you, through your present and future actions, control how the last chapters of your book are read. As a winner you can end up doing things you love and not taking in your life or for others.

Start a new chapter today – a chapter you will enjoy reading and others.

Enjoy who you are and what you do. Get writing and live life to the fullest.

How has your book been read so far – and what will the LAST chapter say?

2002 Copyright by Audrina Jones Bunton. REPRINT OF THIS ARTICLE: Permission is granted to reproduce or distribute this article in its entirety, and its copyrights are recognized. You can find other articles at http://www.purposefully-living.com/mailing%20list.htm


In Knowledge: The Health and Welfare Website Laws


Healthcare Consulting Companies When In Law

One thing is wonderful about the Internet as a source of advice for our health and well-being.

No matter where a web site goes, it tells us what to do to lose weight, slow down aging, or treat our illnesses.

We all do it. We are not feeling well, so we type the symptoms into "Dr. Google" and voila, the thousands of results can mean we have everything from a normal cold to a life of 6 months. We hand the results over to our doctor and tell him what we have.

Unfortunately, health professionals, doctors, therapists, dietitians and nutritionists struggle daily with the misinformation provided on the internet.

If you are a blogger and have experience with health issues, you want to share this information with the world.

Or maybe some health education can be professional and you want to use that information to boost your business online.

In any case, you have to be very careful to comply with the rules, when it comes to providing information and advice on health and wellness.

Legal responsibilities for providing health-related advice

So what are the laws for health care consulting and training in providing health information on a website?

In recent years there have been more than a few lawsuits over health and diet tips being shared with others on the internet.

In the North Carolina lawsuit, a blogger recently changed his life and had experience of managing his type 1 diabetes through the use of the Paleo diet. He blogged about his efforts and when he was successful, he took his blog one step further and started sharing meal plans and exercise regimes.

Eventually, he began giving a one-on-one session to give his readers advice for a fee.

In the case of North Carolina, practicing unlicensed dieting or nutrition is illegal. The blogger is accused of breaking this law and the North Carolina Dietetic Commission is threatening jail.

Investigate All Governing Bodies & # 39; Rules and Regulations

When providing health and wellness information online, you must ensure that you follow all the rules.

Each governing body has special rules for informing citizens about health information and what you cannot.

Canada and the United States have specific federal laws and then each province and state has its own special laws.

If you want to get information, you need to look at these laws where you live and where you are. Also, to take it a step further, you need to consider targeted audiences.

If you are providing information on a health-related website, you should ask yourself a good guideline for a particular personal health condition. A North Carolina neighborhood blogger was doing well with her Paleo diet.

Suggestions for exercise regimes or diet plans may also be fine on his health and nutrition website, but as soon as he began to consult individually and give advice, it was beyond sharing his personal experience. and fell into the field of providing medical specialization in an area he was not legally assured of.

Remember, commenting on a health topic or telling about your specific experience is one thing, but if you claim to be an expert on your health and nutrition website, you can be held responsible. govern public education on the subject and practice legal issues.

You do not have to claim or file in any way if you wish to provide reliable health information.

If you give advice on health or well-being, you need to be very clear about your education and expertise, and also be careful about the legal issues that you give.

That is, working with a professional web development company can help guide you in the right direction and ensure that you do not submit anything that may cause legal problems when you run your business. It would also be very wise to consult a lawyer who is well-versed in these matters.


Discover gold in the forest land


Wild Land is an urbanized land, public or private land firm. Private land ownership will not allow mineral rights over the land. Think of it this way: a large metropolitan city may have an underground subway system that connects subway trains to a network of tunnels. People and businesses that own land above the subway system are unaware of it and may not be aware that it works under their own ground.

Before you start looking for gold, research the owner of the land you are interested in and find out who owns the mineral rights in that wild land. Priced at $ 1278 / ounce (today), do your homework time and effort to find at least one small gold pot in your pocket. Determine the probability of gold in the wilds of your target land, and its status (pure or embedded in the rock). You want to know if gold will come to you or go there. A force of nature, such as water from a natural source, can bring gold to the desert land. Over time, running water erodes the gold rock, so you can find pure gold in a bed of pits or as a nugget. However, if you find any of this, notice that the natural water was flowing through the rock (like quartz).

In the United States, most people associate gold with California and Alaska, but did you know about the first discovery of gold in North Carolina (1799)? Today some of the cleanest gold in the United States is still in North Carolina and North Carolina (gold veins do not stop at state borders). Start searching for gold in the woods of the land by examining state guides to find out where the famous gold foxes were. Then, change your search to the counties of those countries to find out who the wild land is and how to get there. After that, you have three tasks ahead of you. First, determine how you will search, what equipment you need, and where you will find gold for sale. Second, contact the landowners and discuss with them what you really want to do. Search for cooperation. Many landowners will divert you. You are better off ignoring and forgiving the gold you found when learning from experience. With sustainability, you will find landowners who will speak. When they agree to talk to you, you are ready to listen, talk and talk honestly. They are probably interested in something they say or they won't talk to you. Most likely, a landowner will say that they do not want to disturb the family, animals, water source, or appearance of the land, and that they do not want to hear loud noises or they will not complain about what you do to your neighbors. Once these details are worked out to their satisfaction, they want to reach a binding agreement with you on how much gold will be found on the earth.

Always practice patience, honesty and transparency with a landowner in partnership. Ask for a trial period prior to the agreement, so prior to investing your costs and time in determining the evidence of gold and seeking the owner of the land when you are looking for it. That way you both know and like each other. Tell the owner where you sold the gold on their land and invite the owner to come with you if this happy event happens (transparency). Transparency entails trust, which results in agreements that can be put on paper, witnessed and signed.

Negotiate the agreement carefully before presenting it to the owner of the land before putting it on paper. You speak first because you have something to offer. The owner of the land is the last to speak because it will not happen unless he agrees. When you speak first, determine your costs. You will not deduct any costs. Examples of this include tools, work clothes, equipment (if you rent or lease business equipment), no living near your landlord, cost of housing, meals, transportation and any other costs you may incur. ; s land. Suggest the target price for one ounce of gold as a bundle. You do not know how long you have to work to find gold, and the price may go up or down. Protect yourself if the agreement is significantly reduced. Protect the land owner if the price rises sharply.

The simplest agreements are about risk taking. You would agree to cut off the sale of gold found by the owner of the land if the owner of the land accepts to pay half of the cost of the quest, even if no gold was found. If you assume all the costs, you should explain that all the risk is yours, you may not eat it. Argue that 90% of the profit should come to you, see if the owner is working and pay nothing if you fail. Don't get excited and don't let the landowner get excited if early negotiations stop. Simply rest, share lunch and propose that more time should be spent getting used to each other; then negotiate. When you reach an agreement, be careful about how much time the land owner will invest. It may be as easy as falling out of your home before searching for land and returning for the day in gold. The two parties to the agreement should keep a record of your work. This business process will make sense for you and the landowner. Once completed, it is a repeatable process, and you and the landowner will most likely build a foundation of trust, bond, friendship. You will both rejoice when you find gold in its wild land.


Growing in Up in Aurora, NC – Segregation


When we saw a show on the "History Channel," recently, about the incident in the 1960s, it said there was a water source, "Only White." This brought back memories of being a young boy in the 1950s and 1960s.

Life in segregation in eastern North Carolina grew during the 1950s and 1960s. Because it was primarily a rural agricultural area, a large percentage of the population was "colored". At the time, it was a smart way for African-Americans to oppose the "N" word, which was also widely used. Segregation affected every aspect of life. You knew the unwritten rules and you followed them.

One event that I remember happened at a funeral of my grandson. Some of the blacks who worked for him for many years asked Granddaddy if they could go to the funeral. He said yes. When they entered the church, they sat in the back hole. I still remember the people in the next queue getting up and moving. When my grandmother died in the 1980s she worked for them and the black woman who helped for many years sat with her family. Different times.

I still remember the signs on the water fountains / fridges in Washington and other towns that were referred to as "White only" and a few, out of place, were "Unique in Color". This had always been his job at Grandpa's farm. All the people who worked for him were black except me. When our dad was working on a hot day, our grandfather would put water in a gallon glass and pass it around, drinking the same glass. When you left the area the rules changed and you were white and then they were coloring again.

There was a "single white" sign in all public restrooms and restrooms. I remember behind the "dime shop" on Main St, Washington, where there was a wooden building, "it was only colored" and they told me they were toilets.

Many outlets had dining areas but were "white only". You never saw people of color. Usually there was a small corner of the desktop that they could order "to go", but they couldn't fix it while they waited. This is one of the reasons that have become the target of the early civil rights goals.

I remember going to the movie theater and the blacks had to place it in a small section on the back of the balcony. This was to buy tickets that went to a special entry called "One Color". It was unusual, because the "Colored" entrance and waiting rooms for bus and train stations, doctor's offices and hospitals are separate. Nearly all public places and businesses were separated.

When the county fair came to town in the fall, you didn't see the black people there. One day in the week long event was that one of the colored people was determined to go and you are not new to that day.

All of this started to change slowly, but with no problems. People on both sides were very vocal, whether the opinion was right or wrong. When I was 13 or 14, I reported that Aurora High School would begin partial integration next school year. I remember when this was negative there was also a big KKK rally going on in the aurora area. Times were changing and nothing was going forward. The following year Aurora High School was partially integrated.

Even though only 12 black children coming to our school were major changes. The kids were from the Porters Creek area and I worked with some of them on Grand Dad's farm, but I never recognized them. I still remember the first day they got into school and we all look at what happens after watching the integration problems on TV. Thinking back you might see fear in both black and white children as our world is changing. There has been no problem that day and for the next two years. We were lucky that the change went well as some schools did.

Then in September 1968, full integration began. SW Snowden High School, a formerly colored school, became a primary school for grades 6 through 6. The Aurora Baccalaureate was re-converted to grades 7 through 12. There were no real problems. There were many changes in the thinking of many people that both sides had to do. Once we were fully integrated, white children were approximately two out of every two white students who became a minority. It was different.

Even integrated schools built on old beliefs and ways. I played basketball in high school and we went from all white teams to Craig and I was the only white guy on the team. This made interesting comments that all the schools in the area were white, which we did not integrate at all. One of my good friends at school and basketball was Kelvin. We played ball for three years and became close friends in practice and school. I never asked to come to my house or ask to hang out with other friends, because deep down I felt that this was not the case. Old ways are difficult to change, and I look back and think about how ridiculous these beliefs were.

A friend / classmate told me another story at the time that they were harsh attitudes. He was an animator living near the school. Another cheerleader, our friend and black, did not return to school for play, so he would set foot in the school playground for several hours. A friend of mine would ask her mother if she could come home, but her mother refused to tell her neighbors what she would think. My friend made a sandwich for both of us and would go back to school and wait for her in the steps.

Many people would like to forget this and remove it from our minds and our history. However, it is our history. We need to remember our good times and bad times, not to dwell on them but to learn from them. The forgotten or lost history has a way of repeating itself until it learns the truth from it. Slavery, segregation and the abuse of our human beings must be remembered. Teach our children not to make the same mistakes again.

That was also part of Aurora NC's growth.


Wine and Barbecue – Faux Pas Pasa?


Can I drink wine at a barbecue?

The grill is lit and the smell of meat smoke fills the air. The last friend to barbecue, the beer is chilled in ice cubes. The problem is that I don't really care about beer. I don't care if this is the perfect complement to the ice cream beer. So what should a girl do when it's hot and humid and not a big beer drink? Can you really drink wine on the grill? The answer is yes, but pairing wine with BBQ can be difficult. The smoke that makes the barbecue so good goes beyond the subtle wine. Sauces that are placed or kept on the side may also conflict with wines.

If you want to make it simple, go for a Zinfandel or mix some Sangria jugs. Zinfandel has a strong, intense fruit flavor that does not compete with sauces and can hold the heater. Sangria is good because it has a fresh fruit effect and can be made in large quantities to help keep it cool on hot days.

Looking for a more specific partner? You need to understand the types of barbecue found. Each region of the US has a claim to a unique barbecue style. There are 6 different types of pits that make a lively discussion about the best.

Barbecue in eastern North Carolina – This barbecue is full of pork and has a strong thin vinegar sauce. Pork has a great flavor and is very acidic. Go for Riesling with a sweet wine. Wakefield Promised Land and Snoqualmie Naked Riesling are good bets. Think of it as a wine version of sweet tea. Another option is Barbera, because it is sweet and has a great taste with plenty of tannins. Vajra Barbera d & # 39; Alba, or Michele Chiarlo Barbera d & # 39; Asti are good options

Lexington North Carolina Barbecue – A sweeter version of the East NC BBQ. Pair it with Petite Syrah as with Petite Syrah from Stags Leap Winery

South Carolina Mustard Barbecue – Another wet BBQ style with a sweet and hard sauce. Go with the rich rich wine

Memphis Style Barbecue – The sauce is the accent of the ribs that are slowly burnt. A Merlot like Northstar Columbia Valley would be a good pairing

Kansas City Barbecue – This barbecue is sweet and hot. You need a Cabernet Sauvignon blend or a sparkling wine like Zinfandel.

Texas Style Barbecue – That is rub and wood predominates in Texas. There is no wet sauce. The barbecue sauce is side by side and served side by side. I would go with a tempranillo or a large jug of Sangria to keep cool in the Texas heat

If you decide to go with Sangria, go for cheap wines. You don't have to get your expensive wines to "punch" this wine. There are some good options:

  • Gnarly Head 2009 old vineyard Zinfandel
  • Williamette Vineyards Riesling
  • Tablelands Sauvignon Blanc
  • 3 stones Sauvignon Blanc
  • Snoqualmie Sauvignon Blanc

Check out additional articles written by this author on Wine Storage Solution.


Communities that attract retirees


In 2008, the North Carolina General Assembly created the Community Credit Retirement Program, administered by the NC Department of Commerce. It is a community development program as an economic and community development strategy for people who want to attract retirees to their area.

The program has the quality of life that the community of elders wants. The potential benefits of attracting retirees to the city are significant: the wealth accumulated in the surrounding area, the developers attracting developers to build affordable housing and higher-end facilities, the existing retirees remain in the community.

Texas has been very successful with their Certified Retirement Communities (CRC) and estimates that each state retirement home generates 1.5 jobs. The GO TEXAN Certified Community Retirement Program has been running since 2006 and is currently updating information on the impact CRCs have on community members. Cuero County of Texas has been with the CRC designation for two years. Randall Mali, executive director of Cuero Development Corporation, has secured a new building for his residential and adult care as a Cuero Certified Retirement Community.


In order to qualify for certification, the local government must apply to the Department of Commerce and the Community Development Division. Retirees are assessed on criteria that are important to retirees – low cost of living, low taxes, low crime rate, quality medical care, recreation, education and culture, and a welcoming community. The size of the population does not define certification, nor does it have a rural or urban environment. Lack of affordable housing for seniors is also not a problem if it is certified to be built by developers. The designation has a five-year lifespan, and then the community will have to re-certify by the end of the five-year term.


The Department of Commerce has established criteria for a certified retirement community.

  1. Being within 30 miles of hospital or emergency medical services (does not have to be within city limits).
  2. Get help from churches, clubs, businesses, media.
  3. Submit application fee for 21,000 Century Communities Program for $ 10,000. If the town does not receive a certificate, they will return $ 10,000.
  4. Submit a complete marketing and public relations plan designed to meet the purpose of the program to the Department of Commerce.
  5. Submit a long-term plan outlining the steps that must be taken to maintain or improve the community as a retirement destination for its owner.
  6. Forming a Board of Attraction for Retirees, the town must be in place for six months to apply for certification. Applications are received twice a year in January and June / July and require several months to review. Commission:
  • Submit a report to the Department and evaluate the community.
  • 21 is issued by the representative of the committee headed by st Century Communities Program.
  • It raises the money needed to launch the program, organizes special events, and promotes and coordinates the program with local organizations.
  • Establishes a community image, evaluates target markets, and develops a marketing and public relations plan to meet the goal of the program.
  • It already develops a system that identifies and contacts relationships with retirees and future retirees, providing guidebooks for visiting future communities, inviting guests to special community events, and keeping in touch with the future, until a decision is made about where to retire.

Communities selected for certification will receive statewide marketing efforts, technical support, networking opportunities, and funding to support the program.


As retirees seek out the Retirement Community, much of the observing process has been secured by the state of North Carolina. The retiree can rest assured that the town will be well received with minimal facilities and services.

At the time of this article, Lumberton, NC was the only Certified Retirement Community in North Carolina. Connie Russ is a Downtown Development Coordinator / Retirement Contractor for Lumberton, and was instrumental in her, along with her committee, developing the certification program. For North Carolina. Currently, there are three other towns in North Carolina certified as a retired community: Asheboro, Marion and Sanford.

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